T保育園 T nursery school

2013-2014 茨城県日立市 Hitachi City, Ibaraki Prefecture







3.11 The Great East Japan Earthquake, a tsunami pushed over the former site of T nursery school.The garden was barely flooded.However, since this area was included in the Hitachi City Hazard Map (established after the earthquake) tsunami inundation area, it was moved to a new site.

The new building is made of wood and is full of natural light. Children feel the warmth of nature and nurtures their rich sensibility of childhood.
Also, taking advantage of the lessons learned from the tsunami disaster, we have set up a rooftop square – a garden building built in a flat shop so that all children and staff can have a safe place to temporarily evacuate.

All sides of the site are barrier-free. We made it to be able to enter and exit the nursery room directly from the garden.Inside the building, openings were set up so that nurseries could see through all the nurseries. Measures were taken to prevent finger pinching even in fittings, and consideration was given to the installation height of outlets to prevent any accident.

The finish material made it possible to show the tree structure as it is finished with incombustible paint.